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Exercise 1. Awareness and acceptance of the diversity of society. 

Read and reflect on the fairy tale “The box of chalk that talks.”:

When I went into the stationery store the day before yesterday, I overheard the conversation of the box of colored crayons.

“I don’t like Red!” said Yellow, and Green agreed, “I don’t like it either. And no one here likes Orange, only no one knows why.”

“We’re a bunch of crayons that just don’t get along,” Blue said to the others. “Something is wrong here.”

I bought a box of colored crayons. After taking it home, I took out the crayons to look at all the colors.

The crayons watched me draw with Red and Blue and Green. And Black, and White, and Orange, and all colors mixed together. 

They saw the Green turn into grass and the Blue turn into the sky. The yellow sun was shining brightly, white clouds all around it.

The colors changed, they collided, and something new always appeared.

The crayons watched as I continued to draw.

As I finished and was about to leave, the Crayons in the box spoke to me.

“I like Red,” said Yellow.

Green also agreed: “And Blue, you were so impressive and so high in the sky.”

“We are a box of colored crayons, each of us is different in it, But all together we draw a complete world.”

Exercise 2. Intergenerational relations.

  • Create family traditions.
  • Organize events dedicated to the family.
  • Organize joint excursions, hikes.
  • Create events in schools and kindergartens, such as “Board game afternoons,” “My hobby,” etc.
  • Grandparents are involved in raising grandchildren.
  • Young people get involved by teaching seniors how to use technology.



Why values are important:


How to create a strong family:


How to find your identity:


Why is a strong family important:


Why is the family important to society:


Intergenerational activities for seniors and young people to do together:


CHALLENGES OF SUCCESSFUL AGING OF THE SOCIETY IN LATVIA REPORT of the working group “Intergenerational relations and social activities” (in latvian language)