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Interactive timeline creation


  1. Create an online interactive timeline (you can use Tiki-Toki or TimeToast) including at least ten key events, developments, or milestones from ancient times to the modern era that have shaped European values.
  2. For each event/milestone add the following:
    1. A brief explanation.
    2. Relevant images or iconography.
    3. A short audio clip with your commentary or reflection on the event (to record and edit the audio you can use Audacity).
  3. Choose at least two events from ancient civilisations (Ancient Greece, Rome, etc) and explain:
    1. The particular value or values that they represent.
    2. Their significance and role in that civilisation.
  4. Add a section at the end of your timeline where you reflect on how these values have evolved or remained consistent over time.


Videos to watch:

  1. DEMOCRACY: Ancient vs Modern by Ryan Chapman
  2. Law and Order in Ancient Rome – How did it work? by Invicta


Further reading:

  1. Harris, Edward M. Democracy and the rule of law in classical Athens: essays on law, society, and politics. Cambridge University Press, 2006.
  2. Pasisnychenko, Anton. In Search of the European Identity: A Return to Ancient Greek Tradition-Summary. Athens Dialogues. Identity and Difference. EUNIC Papers. 2010.
  3. Tamanaha, Brian Z. On the rule of law: History, politics, theory. Cambridge University Press, 2004.