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Creation of ‘’Democracy and Human Rights Digital Scrapbook’’


  1. Create a digital scrapbook about “Democracy and Human Rights in Europe” using an online scrapbooking or digital portfolio tool (e.g., Padlet or Google Sites).
  2. Make a section dedicated to documenting the evolution of democratic principles in Europe. Include:
    1. Visuals, such as artwork or symbols, that represent early democratic systems.
    2. Brief bullet points highlighting key moments or shifts in democratic thinking.
  3. Include a section on the Age of Enlightenment. Highlight:
    1. Philosophers or thinkers who established the foundations of modern human rights.
    2. Excerpts or quotes from their works.
  4. Create another section to showcase important European human rights documents such as the European Convention on Human rights. Give each a brief annotation explaining its significance.
  5. Make a section about the challenges that human rights fae in Europe. Showcase:
    1. Historical or current events that posed a threat.
    2. The subsequent responses or actions taken by the EU to mitigate those threats.
  6. Include a segment about the EU’s role in promoting democracy and human rights. Make sure to highlight:
    1. Establishment of EU institutions or mechanisms such as the European Court of Human Rights.
    2. Recent EU initiatives or programmes to promote democratic values.
  7. Finish with a section on current challenges confronting European democracies and how the EU is responding. Make use of multimedia elements such as news clips, infographics, and podcast excerpts.


Videos to watch:

History: EU Charter of Fundamental Rights by European Parliament

The European Convention on Human Rights – how does it work? by Council of Europe


Further reading:

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