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Diversity Acceptance – European Snapshots

  1. Choose five significant “snapshots” or moments in European history or current events that exemplify the continent’s journey of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion.
  2. Provide the following information for each snapshot:
    1. Image: A relevant photograph or piece of artwork.
    2. Time & Place: The event or moment’s date and location.
    3. Two to three sentences describing the snapshot are sufficient.
    4. Significance: A brief paragraph describing why this point is critical in understanding Europe’s journey towards diversity and inclusion.
  3. Include at least one of your five snapshots that is specifically related to an EU initiative or framework that promotes diversity and inclusion.
  4. Following the presentation of your snapshots, write a brief reflection (150-200 words) on any new insights you’ve gained, the importance of diversity in Europe’s past, present, and future, and any steps you believe Europe should take moving forward.



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